Photo Classes NYC

One Place
One Face

Introducing an exceptional photo workshop and experience brought to you by acclaimed photography teacher Stephanie de Rouge and the inventive minds behind Untapped Cities.

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Inspired by a common passion for New York City and its people, Photography teacher Stephanie de Rouge and Untapped Cities teamed up to create “One Place One Face”, a one of a kind photography workshop experience!

On this workshop, we will take you on a cultural walking tour with a certified guide in an iconic New York City location (The Place) as well as teach you the secrets of portraiture with an anonymous yet super-star New Yorker as your model (The Face).

You could for example tour the Statue of Liberty and portray Charlie Deleo, “Keeper of the Flame” for 30 years, all in the same workshop. Or attend Untapped Cities’ famous tour of the NYC Subway as well as meet and photograph the man behind this voice: “Stand clear of the closing doors”.

We have many more Places and Faces up our sleeves and are eager to share them with you!


“Stephanie de Rouge is a warm, inspiring, and devoted teacher. Equipped with an uncanny eye, she identifies latent possibilities in students' photographs, suggests next steps, and encourages us all to take the risks necessary to create meaningful work.”

Jill LG - 2017

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"The only problem I had with Stephanie's portrait class was that it didn't last longer! She is a wonderful, generous and giving teacher with a sharp eye and aesthetic sense. Her class expanded my visual literacy and gave me the tools to not only further develop my eye, style and technique, but to also approach my career and business in a way that allows me to stay true to myself both as an artist and a professional."

MLB - 2017

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"Stephanie is a very dedicated teacher. She is well prepared and puts her all into each class. She has great insights and gives excellent critiques that encourage you to go further with your project. Her thoughtful lessons often begin with a short exercise that engages and challenges the students, teaching them through their own experience. I am currently taking a year long class with Stephanie and I am loving it. I feel excited about all that I am learning and proud of my growth as a photographer."

Melanie S - 2017

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"Stephanie, your passion for photography, and especially the creative energy of your teaching, have brought me to a place in my photography that I could not have imagined three years ago when I took my first class with you. Your unique combination of pushing students beyond their comfort zones and positive, yet challenging, critique breaks down students’ preconceptions of what they can bring forth in their work. I wish you the best in your new venture and look forward to continuing to work with you in your future classes."

Susan B - 2017

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